Thursday, February 18, 2010

¿Dónde está la salsa

Yes that is right, I need salsa! and tortillas! I am starting to feel the lack of home comforts here in the new place. I really want to make some burritos and be back on my home diet. All in all it is not bad, but I really would enjoy some fine mexican flair for my food as it is so dear to my heart.
Today was an easy day of training and some time in town. I met a few guys for the beginning of their ride and I was treated to a beautiful day for photography and a wonderful place to take pictures! Jason took us on this "road" that was no wider than one lane and wound through the trees past houses, through fields, up/down, around. Where were we? How did he find this? I was amazed at what he was showing us, but I knew approximately where we were going because I had ridden in this direction the day before; to my satisfaction, we popped out on a road where I had ridden yesterday! Awesome, a new deviation.
As the first picture shows, we were on this cart path through the trees, then in the second picture, we popped out into these awesome fields! The third picture shows some of the typical sights around here with old stone buildings/houses dotting the countryside. It is pretty cool to ride by.
It is amazing here the roads or goat paths you can take. I have not ridden so many, but have heard about the options. I have heard of a 45 minute climb that requires a 39x25 (really small gear) or smaller that goes up one of these little goat path roads, I can't wait to experience it!
On my return through town I took a moment to stop at one of the many bakery/bread shops here and enjoyed a chocolate chip croissant thing. To be honest it was a bit dry, probably won't go their again. Then after making it back up the hill to my house I enjoyed a nice lunch and readied myself to head into town.
I met up with Daryl and Sam for a coffee when I headed into town at this awesome restaurant call "de cre-pe-perie"; I think that is it. Nonetheless, it is one of those awesome places with a retro style with very little changed or renovated since they have gone into business. Then we walked about for a while. It was fun exploring for me. There are many small shops around, it doesn't seem like the "walmarts" of the US would survive too well here because everything is in town and people probably have their favorite shops they always go back to. I am sure to develop some of my own favorites eventually. That can only happen though if I can ever figure out where I am in the tangled mess of cobbled streets and stone buildings that is the center of Girona: so cool, but so confusing! Streets rarely go straight for more than a block and they don't seem to parallel one another either! I got slightly misplaced taking a different route back to my car today. Oh well, eventually I will figure it out.

Tomorrow the weather is predicted for rain, but who knows. Intervals in the rain are inspiring! Hasta mañana!


Eric said...

Great Pictures! Thanks for the update. I am looking forward to hearing about your first race.

Shane C. said...

Muchas Gracias Matteo!! Como esta usted? Como esta tu espanol ahora que estas en Espana?

Hip said...

Great pics..keep it up!

-Hip in Tosa