Wednesday, February 17, 2010

5 beautiful hours

I woke up this morning to see the fog and drizzle again. Bummer I thought. Ate breakfast, had some coffee, messed around for a bit and then headed out the door around 1030am expecting another cloudy and potentially rainy ride. Today however, the clouds broke and I was treated to 5 wonderful hours of Catalunya county!
I met up with a few of my teammates at the "stone bridge" in the center of town and we headed out to more new ground. We rode through the valleys, some small but beautiful climbs, nice descents and lush green country fields/forests. All the while passing old farms, small towns and historic stone structures (houses, barns, etc.) There are many old churches and people living out in the country with nothing really but their own self-sustaining farm. It is beautiful.
To be honest, the area reminds me a lot of Iowa, where my cycling really began. It is nice for sure. Of course Iowa doesn't have quite the climbing or the Pyrenees so close, but the general feel makes me have similar vibes. It is inspiring and makes you want to ride your bike.
Well, I guess that is really all I have for now. I will find more once I get settled and my mind isn't spinning trying to figure out what I need to get done to make sure I have proper communication techniques, bank accounts, "residency", on and on and on and on! Whatever, I have to train because I race in less than a week; holy cow! Peace.
Check out my first pictures of Girona area, tomorrow hopefully I have sun and can take pictures of the city!

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