Thursday, August 4, 2016

Breaking Away in Stage 4

After a disappointing stage yesterday, we aimed to hit the reset button today and be present throughout the stage, especially with the extra pressure on us given the stage was sponsored/presented by Unitedhealthcare. I managed to find my way into the day's break, taking a good bit of pressure off the team. Honestly it was a bit of a suicide break because it was very likely the sprinter's teams would control 100% today and not miss another opportunity. You never know what might happen though! As predicted, our leash was never more than 3 minutes and the field brought us back with about 15km to go. As a consolation prize I earned the most aggressive rider's jersey for the stage, so I'll get to wear that in tomorrow's stage. As for the rest of the team, Jaramillo managed to find himself in the right place for the finish and snag 7th. Remember, he's a climber! Overall we still missed the stage and are missing our rhythm a bit, but we will keep fighting and the last three stages should suit us well. We'll continue to be aggressive and race hard.


Anonymous said...

Fun to see you fighting today! Congrats on the jersey- well deserved.

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