Friday, May 6, 2016

"Breezing" Through the TT

The Tyrone time trial is usually marked by the wind patterns of the day, and it was no exception today. Lucky for us is that the wind is usually a little less in the morning, while the afternoon winds whipping around right now are surely making it pretty difficult on the other categories of racers. For my race today I wanted to give my maximum to maintain or improve my overall position. It's a tricky time trial because of the hills and wind. The secret to any TT is figuring out how to measure your effort, but when you might have sections where you can't pedal because of the tailwind plus downhill or you'll be creeping uphill, it is harder to figure out than a normal flat TT. I think overall I did pretty well at measuring my effort, but the results were not super. I lost some time in the GC and slipped to 10th. With Sunday's big stage ahead, anything is possible, but the podium is looking pretty tough. We'll keep fighting for it.


Anonymous said...

Good luck tomorrow and Sunday!

smith101 said...

thought good..

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