Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Not an "A" at A-Basin

Pretty plain and simple, I wasn't good enough to be with the best on the way up to A-Basin and I'm obviously disappointed. On the bright side, we had Julian and Julien pretty high up there. Moving forward, we'll work for them to finish high in the overall and I'll try to catch a breakaway and go for a stage win.


Anonymous said...

Go easy on yourself: you missed a week of racing in UT, missed a week of riding and are lucky to be in CO. You'll regain form in this race and be ready for what's next. When I heard the British announcer say you were racing in CO I couldn't believe you were back so soon after your UT race. You show great character just being out there!

Scott K said...

Hang tough, stay focused and keep our nose in the thick of things. Good things will happen.