Sunday, June 7, 2015

Debuting the Jersey in France

The first stage of Dauphine today was short and fast. It was a non-traditional circuit race, which was kind of interesting. It is always nice to be familiar with a course when racing on it. The day started with a flurry of attacks and four guys eventually got away. Things looked interesting for a little while as the time gap steadily rose with no one wanting to take up the chase. The poker game ended though when the gap got to 7 minutes. Then the chase was on. I was a bit skeptical of the break coming back, but after I saw how quickly the time fell once the chase started I was pretty sure things would come back together, which they did on the last lap. The circuit was not easy though, and it was a reduced group contesting the sprint. We had orders to keep our GC guys (Haimar and Bauke) safe, so that was the main goal for today.

It was a mostly uneventful stage for me, minus a flat tire on the second circuit that left me chasing for a good bit. And I had an untimely loss of position during a bottleneck before the final circuit, so I also had to chase the front of the group over the last climb. I stayed with a few other chasers just off the back at the top and we came back without a problem. Then it was onto the finish and happily climbing aboard the bus safe and sound. Random thing happened today too that I didn’t know about until the finish: broke my saddle rail completely in half. Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture, but evidently my steady diet of doughnuts and cheese curds is too much for the weight limits of our saddles! I have no idea when it happened, but I’m guessing it was one of the many speed bumps we went over today. Ok that’s all!


Cindy said...

You neglected to mention ice cream in that steady diet!
Ride safe!

Anonymous said...

The team looks to be in good shape at the end of stage 1. Good luck!