Friday, June 19, 2015

Dead Computer

Help, my computer won't charge!! I'm actually being serious, my Macbook Air has just recently started acting funny about charging, and as of today it won't charge at all. Sad day. Anyway, I'll do my best via phone here.

Today's stage was like a mini Amstel Gold race using several of the same climbs and roads. The start was pure chaos. Not sure when the break actually went, but it took at least 1.5hrs of all out racing. Safe to say everyone was dead after. I tried a couple moves, but it wasn't to be. I think Lotto Soudal was keeping us close because Danny was so close in the GC and they wanted us to help pull. The gap was carefully monitored and it was all back together for a sprint at the end. Unfortunately for us, Danny had some mechanical issues in the last 15kms and he was unable to do the sprint to go for the victory or to move up in the GC. He was 2nd going into today, only 2 seconds back, so there was a chance he could do it. Bad luck though. Regarding my day, there was plenty of Dutch chaos, but it seemed a little better. I think the hills helped weed out a little of the garbage. Plus it was not an easy stage by any stretch of the imagination, so there were definitely some tired legs out there. Now I'm looking forward to tomorrow. It is a mini Liege, so it should suit me well. I felt better today too, so I hope that will be even better tomorrow and I can go for it. I'm going to try!


Anonymous said...

Good luck on tomorrow's stage! And thanks for cranking out a post on your phone.

Anonymous said...

I just learned about your accomplishments through a friend and enjoy reading your blog. As a former Wauwatosan now in Colorado, I'm rooting for you!! Your words express a great competitor with great humility. Go for it!

Human Nature Project 2013 said...

When my Mac Powerbook failed to charge a while back it was the charger, not the battery at fault. They exchanged it at no charge at the Apple store because it was faulty. Depends on how old your Mac is.

At any rate Matt, I'm a Luther grad who is following your career with much excitement at your accomplishments. Class of '79 and second place NCAA DIII cross country team. Took up cycling 12 years ago to compliment my running and have spent some time riding with Steve Paschke. My blog is Would love to interview you sometime down the road.

Congrats on the National Championships. Watching that race on TV was thrilling to say the least. God Bless to your and your wife. And great riding this season.