Sunday, May 10, 2015

One Done and "Dusted"

It was a mostly uneventful day here in California. There was plenty of stress because of some potentially dangerous winds, but it never amounted to anything. Perhaps the most exciting part of the stage was the 5km gravel section that left us completely coated in dust. It was a little dicey at points, but amazingly there were no crashes. Besides the usual antics at the finish and fighting for life there, I had one scary moment just after the gravel section today. I needed a nature break, so I went about doing it while still moving (one of my many talents). As I drifted back, I noticed the peloton was kind of split up and strung out in the back. I wrapped up business and got in the line. At that moment, some guys started opening gaps. I have no idea if there was some pressure being exerted at the front or if the wind was simply too strong or what was really happening, but I found myself in a very precarious position as the gap from me to the peloton increased. Thankfully it was a short chase and I was back in, but I definitely had some panicked thoughts about how I lost my Tour of California GC just because I couldn't hold my liquids. All was not lost though, so I live to fight another day. As for the team, we had Danny take 9th today. He won't be happy with that, and we're hoping he'll improve on that in one of the upcoming sprint stages. 

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Cindy said...

Whew! Good job!