Sunday, May 17, 2015

Finishing California

As promised, the last stage here in California was intense and exciting. The format of the race was interesting with both starting and finishing circuits, connected by some roads in between downtown LA and Pasadena. The circuits in downtown LA were quite hard. The attacks were flying and the tempo was high as Saxo rode to keep things together. It didn't help either that the road conditions were horrid. Once we left LA and raced toward Pasadena the tempo didn't slow. As we raced single file through the streets of LA, I hit a stone and immediately got a rear puncture. I surfed around on my flat as I waited for the endless line of riders to pass me. Finally I got to the end and was able to call for the car. After getting the change I had to chase for my life. Just before we reached the circuits in Pasadena (at the Rose Bowl actually), I regained contact with the back of the field. I hung on, tried to recover a bit, and tried to move up as best as I could. Eventually I did get my legs back and I went to help the team leadout Danny. I wanted to try and help because I had nothing to save it for. I think our leadout was the best today, but unfortunately Danny came up short. Everyone was disappointed, but it wasn't due to a lack of effort. Overall California was a little shy of hopes for everyone. We never won or got on the podium in the sprints, didn't win the team gc, and didn't have anyone in the top five or the podium of the overall. Despite all of that, the attitude of the team was great all week and everyone gave their best and that's all we can do! Thanks for reading all week. I'm heading home tomorrow and will be going to nationals in Chattanooga, TN next week. Ciao for now!


Anonymous said...

You guys set Danny up great for the sprint finish today. The competition was fierce and super motivated however. Will be fun to watch Danny in the years ahead. He's got talent.

Given your time off of the bike because of the broken wrist you did great on Baldy. You'll peak later in the season now and be ready for nationals and whatever you race over the summer.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you were ready for nationals! CONGRATS!!!