Saturday, May 16, 2015

Battling the Clock

When racing against the clock, I don't think anyone ever actually wins! Of course someone is the fastest and therefore the winner of the stage, but I don't think you can ever actually beat the clock. Maybe that is why TTs are so hard!? Anyway, after moving the stage from snowy Big Bear Lake down to Six Flags Magic Mountain, we were treated to a dry and sometimes sunny day. With the TT being only 10.6km long, there was little strategy. It was an all out effort and the strongest was going to win. Our team had a pretty good day, but I think we ended it a little disappointed. We had two different thought processes today. There were a few guys going full gas to try for the stage victory, while there were a few of us going full gas to fight for the overall. In the end, the stage guys came up short of their expectations while the gc guys seemed to fair pretty well. Haimar was our best and is now sitting 10th overall and well within striking distance of the podium and even overall if he has a great day tomorrow. Riccardo and I are only a little further back too, so we have three cards to play tomorrow on the decisive Mt. Baldy. Hopefully at the end of it we can come away with something good! I hope to report good news tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck on Baldy!!! You've done so well there in the past!