Thursday, September 11, 2014

Where's Matthew Now?

I'm in Canada, 'ey! Hello hello from the land of maple syrup (yes I had some at breakfast!) I'm here in Quebec City for the Grand Prix Cycliste Quebec, a one day World Tour race. It's 11 laps of a challenging 18km circuit totaling 199km. The rain is falling today, but I THINK we are supposed to have dry weather tomorrow. I really hope so anyway because this circuit in the wet would be disastrous. Riding it with a few of my teammates today was scary enough! I don't have any predictions or ideas about the race really. It is long and hard enough that I think it is kind of a matter of natural selection. Positioning is a key factor for saving as much energy as possible in a few sections of the course, so I'll do my best to stay well placed and/or help my teammates do the same. I'll report back with the results!

I've been a few places since the last time I blogged in Colorado. Following the race, Lisa and I returned to North Carolina for about 10 days. It was absolutely glorious. The weather was perfect. We each had some fun out training. I did a charity/group ride in the neighboring town of Hendersonville called Tour de Apple on Labor Day. It turned out to be a great ride with some beautiful new roads I'd never been on, and the course was not easy at all either! Lisa and I found a night to sneak out and go camping, which was super fun despite my three hour saga of starting/maintaining a fire with wet wood. I can admit that I was unbelievably frustrated, BUT I did prevail and have a fire that burned all the wood by the end of the night and produced awesome coals. Let me tell you that those s'mores never tasted so good!

Most recently Lisa and I hopped on a plane back to Minnesota for a friend's wedding. The ceremony was really nice and it was really fun to catch up with some of our college friends. After dancing the night away, we took a quick nap before getting on the road to Milwaukee for my sister-in-law's baby shower. We actually showed up unannounced, which was kind of fun. Thankfully they accepted us crashing the shower and then my parents allowed us to crash their house for a few nights, otherwise we would've been sleeping in a park somewhere! It was a short but nice visit at home. Yesterday Lisa dropped me at the airport at 6:30am in order to catch my flight here, while she turned northwest to drive back to Minnesota. She's spending a few days at home while I'm here and then we'll both fly back to NC after the weekend. Then who knows where our next adventure will take us! Ideas? Suggestions?


Anonymous said...

You should come out of the mountains to Chapel Hill for some good group rides and our personal supply of WI brats and beer. Might even have some Secret Stadium Sauce on hand.

Anonymous said...

Where is Mathew now?