Friday, July 4, 2014

Grand Depart Yorkshire

Ok here's my best effort to summarize the past few days: frenzied! It has been non-stop here. If we weren't riding our bikes, we were shaking hands or signing autographs or doing the team presentation. It has gone very quickly and been very busy. Hopefully it will kind of calm down a bit once the race starts! 
Announcing our new sponsors: Samsung and People for Bikes.
Found a TdF cupcake in between a few interviews.
Testing out the "dual-camera" on the way to the presentation.
Rolling to the presentation. Fans were great.
Is that "M" for Marriott or Matthew?!
The rolling hills here are beautiful and challenging.
This year's TdF medal. Hope I get more of these!
Roadbook, rulebook, and stage cards. 21 to go!


Cindy said...

You know what they say about a picture saying a thousand words...nice book!

Boo-Shay #1 said...

So cool! Soak it all up brother!! Excited big brother over here across the pond!