Saturday, June 14, 2014

Suisse #1

Today's first stage of Suisse was more of a prologue at 9.4km, but it was a difficult 9.4km at that! It was a mostly flat first ~5km, followed by a solid 2km climb, and a fast 2km descent to the finish. I'm pretty happy with my performance and hope it is a good sign for the week ahead. There isn't too much to tell about the race really. I feel like I pushed my maximum and couldn't have done much better. A "fun/interesting" (maybe embarrassing?) factoid I found out though is that Fabian went 20 seconds faster than me on the final 2km descent of the race. It seems unreal to me that it can be true, but I guess he is just a specialist! I certainly didn't feel like I was just taking my time, but perhaps I was?! Whatever the case I am still glad to be where I am and feel good looking ahead. Tomorrow's stage will already be a doozy. We have lots of big mountains to climb and plenty to test the legs. I'm really hoping the weather holds good and we can suffer only because the parcours is difficult. I'll check in tomorrow with the report on that.

Profile for tomorrow's stage. Yikes!

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Anonymous said...

A great tt for you! 37th is sweet. Good luck out there.