Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Surprise Surprise!

Well it doesn't happen often, but sometimes the peloton guesses wrong on the timing of pulling the breakaway back. Today it happened in a fairly big way and the break survived by over a minute! We weren't even close really. In general the stage was pretty tranquil and quite beautiful as we followed Highway 1 for 165km of the California coast. It only got a little hectic in the last 30-40km when the sprinters teams realized they had misjudged their effort, so an all-out chase ensued. The team took good care of me again today. Pretty sure they were going back to the car for new bottles almost every 10km. It was quite necessary though. That's about it. Tomorrow's stage has a good chance for breakaway survival, so we're going all in. It's sure to be interesting though because everyone will be thinking the same and will have extra motivation after today's breakaway success. We'll see how it goes!


KyleJ said...

Keep up the good work!

Scott K said...

Looking good my friend. Stay strong and smart.