Monday, May 12, 2014

Folsom TT

It's pretty easy to sum up today's stage: the clock doesn't lie and Wiggins is a league above. The time trial is always called the race of truth because it's mano-y-mano, you against the clock. How hard can you push yourself? I pushed as hard as I could today, but the truth came seeing one guy, Wiggins, way ahead of the rest. It's clear he is the race favorite, but I'm still in the hunt with some other gc contenders. I'm happy with my effort and don't think I could've done any better. Now I'll take the confidence of the good feelings I had in the tt to the rest of the stages and hopefully I can move up some spots. The rest of the team had some solid results today too with Jesse, Markel, and Jens all in the top 10. There's no doubt we have a strong and motivated team here, but we're going to have to get creative and aggressive to find a stage win and a high gc place. I think we're up for that though!

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Cindy said...

Go, team!!!