Saturday, May 10, 2014

California Starts in Sacramento

It's hard to believe it has been almost 2 weeks since Liege. Time flew by. I took the plane from Brussels to Asheville on the Monday following Liege and got to spend a speedy 10 days at home before coming here to Sacramento for the start of California. My time at home was very nice. The weather was unbelievably nice, which made finding motivation to get out the door easy. Training was solid and I feel well prepared for the race. There really isn't much else to report to be honest!

I arrived in Sacramento late last night after some flight delays. I am lucky I made it though because the delays made it look like I would miss my connection. Thankfully my connection was delayed due to the same weather, so I had no problems at all. And I got a first class upgrade! That definitely made the long flight from Atlanta to Sacramento a bit easier. I was able to watch the movie Dallas Buyers Club and then pass out for a solid 2 hours. Next thing I knew we were 20 minutes from landing! Done and done. I had a short drive to the hotel and then went straight to bed. This morning we went over to preview the TT course and the final part of stage 1. The TT is a nice rolling course, a little open, and I hope it will benefit my style of riding not being entirely flat. Whatever the case I'll give it all I got! First things first though with tomorrow's stage. On paper it should be an uneventful, sprint stage, but I will wager a guess that some action will happen in the final 50km tomorrow. With similar weather/winds to today predicted, there will be good crosswinds as we cross some open rolling hills coming back toward Sacramento. I suspect someone is going to get adventurous! I'm glad we are aware of it and can be prepared. Hopefully we won't get caught out!

Thanks for coming back to read. Check back this week for updates throughout the race!


Anonymous said...

Ride like the wind Flipper, strong and driven!

BigCahunico said...

That stage and the reported results on the Tour Tracker made for a nervous fan!, stay strong Matteo