Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Just Another Day at the Race Track

Another day in the books here at Paris Nice. It was another sprint finish and a relatively nerve free day. There were definitely moments where the tension rose a lot, such as when Quikstep attempted a crosswind attack, which ultimately fizzled and failed because there was no wind! And obviously on the run into the finish it got a little crazy, but all things considered it was a relatively easy day. That means that we've made it to the "climbing" stages now. Tomorrow we will see the first true climbs of the race. It could be pretty tough given the 200km length of the stage and the fact that the climbs come in quick succession in the last ~50km of the stage. I'm looking forward to it and hoping the climbs will help make positioning a bit easier. That's really about all I've got. Sorry these updates haven't been more exciting, but I haven't had much more to report. Keep coming back and hopefully I'll have something better starting tomorrow! Au revoir.

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