Saturday, September 28, 2013

From the Vuelta to Worlds

It hardly seems like two weeks ago I had just finished the Angliru and was sitting on the bus celebrating with the team the victory Chris would claim the next day in Madrid, but it was! I guess time flies when you're having fun... or busy. Yeah, it has been a bit hectic since the Vuelta. It feels like I hardly had any time to recover even though I wasn't riding my bike much! I guess it was just that list of tasks that built up during the time away from home. Two of the days were spent going back and forth from Barcelona to get my visa for Tour of Beijing. I was successful in getting it, so I guess I am officially going. I'm excited for the opportunity to see a new country and even to race. It will be a good opportunity to get a nice result, and I hope I will have some good form coming out of the Vuelta. That race is a couple weeks away though! Let's talk about the task at hand tomorrow: Worlds. Really there isn't much to say. The circuit is going to be very tough with two challenging climbs in it each lap. One is long and not so steep, while the other is short and quite steep. The circuit isn't too technical and it is on "big" Italian roads, so hopefully it won't be a horrible fight for position. That's probably a pipe dream though. I suspect that the race for position is going to be very difficult and there won't be many places to move up in the race. And the weather could be a huge factor as there is a high probability of thunderstorms. We come here with a strong and motivated team, so hopefully we can end the day with someone trading the stars and stripes for the rainbow jersey! I'll try to get a post race update in as soon as I can. Thanks for checking in again!

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Good luck, Matt! What a season already.