Friday, August 9, 2013

Stage 3: Return to Nebo

Stage 3 saw us pass over Mt Nebo for the first time in the races history, and I think they got the results they were looking for. The stage started with a big group of 20 guys forming off the front. We had Ben in the group, but decided the situation wasn't ideal, so we ended up riding the front all day, too. By the base of Mt Nebo, the gap was down to 2 minutes, and it was up to the climb to take care of the rest. The group in front exploded quickly until a few remaining riders were out front, one of them being Ben, who showed he was very strong on the day. Hindsight is 20/20, but it seems we really should've left the chasing to other teams and taken our own gamble. In the peloton behind, the group dwindled as we ascended the slopes of Mt Nebo. A real selection was made when Garmin put in a dig that setup Lachlan Morton for his attack. Thinking that the attack was suicide, I (and apparently everyone else) was keen to stay in the group, figuring we would ride a tempo and eventually bring him back. Again, hindsight is 20/20 because he ended up soloing away for the stage win and taking the yellow jersey. On the whole, I think our team might have messed up a few times on this stage, but it is never perfect. We did what we thought was right and made the best guess at what we thought should be done. There's still three tough stages to race and the team looks strong. We will have more opportunities.

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Scott K said...

Tour of Utah, I am thinking its time for you and the Radio Shack boys to teach the young ones what it means to put out! Team is looking strong - Good Luck!