Monday, August 26, 2013

Not Easing In

Well, this race isn’t really easing its way in; instead, they’re throwing the violent team TT and first summit finish into the first two stages! Although it was a summit finish yesterday, it wasn’t a pure climbers finish. The first 4.5km had three steep sections with a little respite in between each. Then there was 4-5km of 4-5% gradient with a couple rollers and a flat/downhill section or two. Finally, it was the last 1.5-2km where it pitched up again and the final selection was made. I fought hard on the run into the climb to find/stay with my teammates, but it was pure chaos and my positioning at the start of the climb was far less than ideal. I battled my way through the first two steep sections to the back end of the first group and as we crested the third steeper section, I was able to maintain contact with the front group. At that point, I hoped to recover enough to be able to follow any attacks that went, but Movistar was driving the peloton and any attack was going to be futile. I fought to stay in a good position and also to try and help Haimar, Chris, and Robert. As we entered the last 2km, I had lost some position, but I found Haimar at the back, so I made an effort help move him up. When the final acceleration began to happen, I fell off the pace. I was able to recover quickly and find my own rhythm though, so I clawed my way back to a few guys and felt strong with I finished. The important part though was that Chris, Haimar, and Robert all finished with the front group. That’s about it!

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Cindy said...

A great recap, as always. Keep up the great work.