Saturday, August 3, 2013


As is evidenced by the above photos, Lisa and I got to spend a day exploring Bryce Canyon National Park yesterday. We've been staying at altitude in southern Utah this week prepping for the Tour of Utah, and took advantage of an easy day to explore the area a bit. We did a scenic drive and a short hike down into the canyon to get a better perspective of the "hoodos". Pretty spectacular! Post our hiking adventure, we took advantage of our hotel's public grills and made some delicious hamburgers, peanut butter cheeseburgers to be exact for those of you familiar with the Decorah tradition, accompanied by baked beans. Then we followed that up with s'mores. Unfortunately we're lacking photo evidence, but it was quite the fitting end to a great day :)

Outside of our little excursion we've been focused on training and resting up for the race. We are at about 10,000 ft in elevation up here, so the riding has been pretty hard, but I'm hoping that it will pay dividends when the race gets underway on Tuesday. I will do my best to post some race recaps throughout the week. Stay tuned!


Cindy said...

Wow! Beautiful. Have a great race :}

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Kyle J said...

Good Luck, Matthew!