Monday, June 3, 2013

Already Lost Track!

So I think it was stage 2 today, but I've honestly lost track a bit. My body and mind are really confused! I'm hoping I can find my rhythm in the next day or two. So about the stage... closely to what I predicted, the last 40-50km were quite tense. The real show started on the descent from the first category 2 with 40km to go. QuikStep took the front and began to set a pretty solid tempo. The field split up, and I was definitely feeling the effort. The next two climbs were full gas, too. Most of the sprinters were dropped, but the few who remained were able to get their teams to control the field until the final. Tony did a great job of placing himself in the middle of the action, coming away with third on the stage and taking the white jersey. That's really about all from here. The weather was another notch better today, so it was a pleasant day to race. Notably though, the pollen is everywhere. My legs and arms were caked with it post race. I think Spring is springing late this year. Ciao ciao!

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Thanks for the continued updates!