Thursday, May 16, 2013

Three and Four in California

Since the searing heat that we faced in stages 1 and 2, we have had two stages of much more beautiful weather. Overall, they have been relatively uneventful. Stage 3 presented some danger with crosswinds in the beginning that split the field. It did come back together on the first KOM, so the excitement subsided at that point. From there, it was relatively calm. Stage 4 was relatively calm all day. It was "short and sweet" and fairly easy. Our team did decide to make a little excitement with about 20km to go, but it fizzled pretty quickly. We were hoping there was a bit of a crosswind, but it wasn't really there, so we simply created a bit of stress in the field. Shortly after, there were some big rollers and Jens began the attacks again there. It was full gas for a few km following that, and I'm pretty sure there was some suffering! I was hurting, that's for sure. In the end, it was a sprint finish, and things remained status quo. The team's been doing a great job of keeping me out of trouble, so thanks to them. Tomorrow is another longer stage, that will likely be a sprint. Then it's onto San Jose for the next pivotal point of the race, the TT. Ciao!


Scott K said...

Nice job at hanging in there. Next couple days will tell the story - best of luck today and in the TT tomorrow!

Marco A Bravo said...

Matthew! Just moved to Madison, so happy with the bike scene and even cooler that a Wisco native is on my favorite team! Keep it up! Just added your blog to my favorites!

Anonymous said...

What a day! RadioShack owned it.
Good Luck tomorrow.