Monday, April 8, 2013

Basque Wrap Up

Well, Basque Country lived up to it's reputation again. There were plenty of difficult climbs, small roads, and some ugly weather. I'm happy to have survived it, and I feel pretty solid about my overall performance. I cannot say what would've happened had I not touched my pedal on the third stage, but I like to think I would've been a little more in the mix for that stage (obviously) and then for the whole race. Had I not lost time due to the crash, I might have had a little extra motivation to push more on stage 4 and 5 to stay as much in the GC hunt as possible, too. In any case, I feel happy with my general performance on the stages and in the final time trial. The time trial was my first of the season, in tough conditions, on a hard course, and with a new position. It is a good start for me, a nice indication that I am still on a good track, and motivation to keep going. My next races should be Brabantse Pijl on Wednesday in Belgium, then the three classics: Amstel Gold (Netherlands), Fleche Wallone (Belgium), and Liege Bastogne Liege (Belgium). I'll check in later.

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Kyle J said...

Good luck in the Ardennes!