Thursday, March 21, 2013

King Stage of Catalunya

Honestly, I don't have much exciting to report about today's stage. It was hard as expected, and I gave a good effort. I tried to get into the breakaway, but I was one move too early. Sometimes you just have to get lucky! I'm not sure that being in the break would've changed the outcome, but it might have been a bit more exciting. In any case, I did my best to follow on the final climb, but again the accelerations near the top were my undoing. I had better rhythm on the climb today, but I didn't seem to have the top end sensations. I suppose it is natural 200km into a stage and after 3 hard days racing. Whatever the case, the stage was difficult, and I hope it will continue to build my fitness toward the future goals. Tomorrow's stage should be a sprint. We will ride out of the mountains with one climb in the middle, but otherwise a relatively flat stage. Thanks for coming back!


Scott K said...

Hang tough my good man. Your day is coming and very soon!

LeP said...

Keep the updates coming. It is so early in season for you. So give it all tmrw!!! And then we can follow your exploits during the hot summer months

LeP said...

But seriously, Mr. Bush, prove yourself and just lay waste on the field!!!!!