Sunday, March 31, 2013

Basque Time

Officially Happy Easter everyone. I celebrated by turning my clock forward an hour, waking up at 5am, catching a bus at 5:35am, a plane at 8:50am, and landing in Bilbao at 10am. Tomorrow we begin the infamous Vuelta Pais Vasco known for it's steep climbs, ugly weather, and insane finishes. I believe this year will be no different! We previewed the finish of stage 3 today, and it is no exception to the rules of steep or insane. In 2010 we rode a portion of the same climb, so I recognized that, but the rest is a real treat, and the finish is 1km of 20% plus gradients. That's stage 3 though, we've got two others before that! I'll try to post my recaps daily.

As usual, you can follow any of the cycling websites for results and updates. You can also check for race information on the official website: Once on the website, hover/click on "Etapas" to find information about the individual stages. Within the stages, you can hover/click on an individual climb to see the information about that climb. Good luck figuring it out!

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