Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tour of Sagan, I Mean Oman!

Stage three saw another "easy" win for Peter Sagan. He proved again his immense talent winning his second stage in a row. Crazy part about it is I don't understand how he did it. Going into the last corner I was on the far outside of the road, but then out of nowhere came Sagan in the rocks passing me. I have no clue how he kept his bike upright, but then from there, he proceeded to make his way to the front and win again: incredible. For us, the team rode well helping Tony to another great finish taking 3rd on the stage, preserving his 2nd on the gc. Looking toward tomorrow, he is in a great position to hold his spot or hopefully move up! The final 5.5km climb is very difficult with the last two at 13.5% average. It will be very tough and certainly create a big gc shake up. Wish us strong legs!

I made an attempt at capturing the massive "train" that is the race caravan leaving the hotel.

A city view as we passed on the highway. 

Look what I found in the desert!


Scott K said...

Image of the camels . . sure hope the race officials are keeping the roads clear of any camel dung. :)

Christy John said...
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