Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bleeding Ears

They made us bleed today. It's amazing how much a little pin prick in the earlobe can bleed! The main goal of training today was to collect some data. We rode 4hrs, but we did a couple tests at different intensities. The first test was done at 5 watts/kg. We took at baseline blood lactate measurement before the start, then we began the test at 1 minute intervals. The goal was to make the entire 15 minutes of the climb, but we did a blood lactate test 5 minutes into the climb, and if you were over 4 millimoles of lactate, then your test was finished. If you were below, you were to go to the top of the climb, where your blood lactate would be taken again. I was a little anxious given my previous training days, but I decided to do the test anyway. Everyone was able to complete the test no problem.

After a 20-30 minute rest, we were to return for another test of much shorter duration but much higher intensity. No lactate was taken during this test, but we recorded the average power and heart rate. The testing protocol was simple: 3 minutes ALL OUT. Yikes, I haven't gone all out or even close in a long time, probably since my time riding the mtb on the steep slopes of Pisgah National Forest. This test was not spaced out specifically, it was more of a free-for-all. It was funny how no one wanted to be the first though. I decided I would just go for it. I immediately knew I was in trouble. My heartrate wouldn't go up for the first 90 seconds at least, and my legs were completely blocked. I pushed hard, but I simply could not convince my legs to propel the bike faster. I waited for everyone to pass me, but thankfully I was spared that depressing event. Instead, I finished the 3 minutes and only had to look to my SRM for the ugly result. After we reported our results, it was back up the climb, descend to another climb where we would do one more exercise, then down to the hotel.

No lies here, I was glad to finish training today. I went to my room, showered, went to lunch, went to an interview that ended up being canceled, so I returned to my room, drew the curtains, and passed out for an hour. Hopefully that is the cure!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds brutal but interesting, looking for the climbers and those who recover well????