Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Jens Show

There isn't much to be said about today's stage: Jens.

Kloeden had a good finish taking second on the stage and moving up a few spots on GC. Hopefully that is a good sign that his legs/form are going to come good for the final stages of this race. Also, Oliver had a great finish in fifth today. It was a great team performance and another legendary/inspiring performance for Jens.

Tomorrow's stage should be a sprinter's stage, then we can expect some more fireworks for Saturday's stage. We're still in this thing!


Scott K said...

Indeed you guys are still in it! Jens was amazing for sure - how he does a solo break for nearly 90 miles, just incredible! Hang tough Matt, seconds probably feel like another mountain but anything can happen. We are behind you all the way!

daveR said...

It was exciting to watch and inspiring to witness such a determined effort. Jens does create a certain excitement for the fans. Hope you feel strong on Saturday. Be careful going down Lee Hill on Saturday. It is steep and I hit 50 mph in no time flat; and I'm riding solo. There are some sharp turns on the second half of that descent.