Friday, August 10, 2012

4 Done, 2 To Go

The fourth stage of Utah was the longest at 215km, and despite a very slow first 1.5hrs, we still finished in under 5hrs. The break nearly made it to the line, but the sprinters had their day. Our team stayed in the hunt without change in the gc; however, I faced adversity again today puncturing when I hit a rough patch of road while the speed ramped up. Thanks to Joost and Jens though, I got back in without a lot of effort or stress. Tomorrow is sure to be a big factor in the final gc, and I am hoping for good sensations. I woke up tired this morning, so I hope that will not be the case tomorrow. RadioShack will definitely be looking to animate things, so stay tuned!

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Scott K said...

Confidence my friend. You can do it so we will be watching and cheering! Ride strong and best of luck!