Sunday, July 22, 2012

TRW #2

Stage 2 was long! It took 10 minutes for the break of TWO to go, so it was buckle up for the long, 205.5km! It was actually 212km on my SRM. Second day in a row they were wrong. It is weird really. Both yesterday and today there was just a certain point where the distance just "stretched", and then we were long! Whatever.

Today's stage ended up quite legitimate actually. We had 1800 meters of climbing even being here in "flat" Belgium. Things definitely heated up on the last three climbs and onto the finish. On the last climb, Nelson and Jakob made an unplanned duo-attack, which really got the ball rolling. The field chased hard, and then the attacks started flying. I was a part of several moves to the top and several more on the rollers following. Eventually it all fizzled though as it was evident there would be a sprint.

Unfortunately Benna had to stop today because he is still battling an illness from the Giro (I think). We still have Giacomo though, so we put our cards on him for the sprint. We had a small lead out planned, and I was excited to be a part of it. Disappointingly, I couldn't quite get to the right spot. I was just behind our guys, but couldn't weave through the last few wheels to help. I was really frustrated actually because I felt good and really wanted to help! In the end, Giacomo was 7th and moved up a little on GC, which is very important for our car placement in the caravan for tomorrow's queen stage. That's about it. Hope I can bring some good news tomorrow :)

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