Friday, July 13, 2012


Hey all, Lisa and I are wrapping up day #2 of 3.5 here in the Pyrenees. We decided a good little training trip was in order after Austria and in prep for Utah/Colorado. First things first though, I should give the quick Austria wrap. We defended the yellow and the teams classification successfully, so we were very happy and had fun/good time doing so; although, I must tell you that it certainly wasn't easy! It never is though. I was rewarded for my hard work with a sweet airport pick up courtesy of my very own, Lisa Busche. We took advantage of my early flight arrival to have a little Barcelona date. We stumbled upon the Barcelona Harley Festival, so we had a little "fair" food to start, but then we had a very nice dinner at a pizzeria on the top floor of an old bull fighting ring that has been renovated into a shopping mall. It was very enjoyable. Post dinner, we stopped by the fountains to take in the show; however, even after all our research, we missed the last show! It was kind of funny actually.

So now we're here in the Pyrenees really enjoying some cooler, mountain weather, and awesome training. Yesterday, I had Lisa drop me off on our way in. I did a quality ride that ended a little short of my goal, but I made the decision based on feeling a little sickish and wanting to save a little for the next two days of training. I was real disappointed not to do the last climb I had planned, but I am real happy now because I slept great, I woke up feeling better, and now I am pleasantly tired after another great day of training.

Today's day started with an ascent of Plateau de Beille. It was a really cool climb, long and hard but very rewarding views at the top. Then I came back down and headed out over Port d' Lers, Col de Agnes, and ended on top of Col d' Latrape. It is incredible how hard you have to work for so little distance around here! Both days, I have done less than 130km but over 4000kjs, hard work for sure. I don't have a plan all laid out for tomorrow yet, but surely it will include some climbing, and it will be a good cap to nice three day training block.

And a few pics from the days adventures... Big thanks to my support crew. Couldn't do it without her!


Anonymous said...

Yay for you 2!!!

Scott K said...

Thanks for posting pics. Beautiful area Hope those little rollers were enough to get your heart rate up!