Thursday, May 17, 2012

TT Day

Today was the individual time trial, and the first real test for the gc riders. It provided a lot of excitement and disappointment. There was excitement for the gc battle, where Zabriske rode a brilliant race to take the yellow jersey. Then there was disappointment for RSNT with all our gc hopes going out the window. Jens saved the day a little bit placing second on the stage. For me, I did what I could, and I am happy with how I performed. I dug deep to see what I could do, coming away with 19th on the stage. I felt pretty strong, and I think I lost a lot of my time in the "middle" 10km of the race. I probably lost my focus a little, but it is hard to stay focused and suffer for that long! Nonetheless, I am pleased with the result. The upcoming stages will be interesting now given that we have nothing to lose anymore. I expect we will be animating the race trying to get a stage win or at least make the race exciting. With nothing to lose, we might as well go for it!

I also want to make sure I give a shout out to my amazing friends and family who have traveled by car and plane from such great distances to be here to support me (and the team). My appreciation cannot be fully shown. Definitely an enormous thanks to them, but also a big thanks to everyone who reads my blog and keeps pace with me through the adventures. Ciao!

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Scott K said...

Proud of your effort in TT. Not counting any of the RS riders out yet. Stages 6 & 7 can turn things in a big hurry. Hang tough and ride hard, hard, hard!