Wednesday, May 16, 2012

ToC 2 & 3

As many probably know already, yesterday's stage 2 turned out less than ideal for me. About 4km from the finish some guys in front of me got tangled up and went down in front of me. I had nowhere to go but into their pile of bikes and bodies. I tumbled to the ground, immediately disappointed and frustrated. I sat for a few moments doing the mental, body check and trying to gather my senses. I remounted and did my best to get to the finish without losing a lot of time. I lost 1:36 in the end, which isn't a ton, but it is enough to change my race aspirations. I can still go for a decent gc, but now I am definitely 100% focused on the team goal of getting Chris the win. It has been my focus from the start, but I hoped that through helping Chris I would ride into a good gc myself. C'est la vie!

Today's stage was pretty uneventful. I was nervous about how my body would respond after the crash. Thankfully the stage started off incredibly easy with the break just rolling away, completely uncontested; although, the first KOM was still not very easy. Whatever the case, I survived and was able to ride with relatively little pain. The stage became pretty nervous in the last 50km as the tempo picked up and the winds played havoc on the field. In the final run into the last KOM, Garmin tried to split the field in the crosswind, but it wasn't successful. The last KOM was pretty difficult actually, but with a good descent and flat run into the finish, a big group came back together. I stayed out of trouble today and crossed the line safely. We ride again tomorrow!


Scott K said...
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Scott K said...

Glad to hear there were no serious injuries from the crash. We are watching every move and are confident RS can drive home a win! Keep up the good work!