Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mount Baldy

Well, we tried! It wasn't the original plan to have Chris go in the break, but he made the decision based on the race situation. That's where all his experience comes to play. For me, I was suffering like I couldn't believe from the start until the first KOM. I thought I was going to be gruppetto today for sure. Thankfully I came good in the second half of the race. With Chris up the road, we had nothing to do but "save energy" in the field. Garmin, Rabobank, and BMC chased hard all day. When we hit Baldy the group exploded, especially when Gesink attacked. I knew if I tried to follow I would explode, too, so I just stayed in my own rhythm. I was quite tired, as is expected, but I had some funny recollections of last year along the way up the climb. The crowds urged me on, and I crossed the line pretty tired. It was a fun and exciting day for RSNT. Hope you all enjoyed it.


Anonymous said...

My wife thought I was crazy every time you were on camera I would yell Busche!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great to see you out there


Scott K said...

Same reaction from my wife. Between race coverage and Sky commercials, it was great fun to watch.
Rest up and best of luck in South Carolina!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of South Carolina..looking forward to seeing you defend your title man. Best of luck

Kyle J said...

Don't forget about your fans out here on the internet! Lets get a blog post from Nationals!