Monday, April 30, 2012

Somehow I Forgot

I don't really know how I forgot these two important pieces of the latest in my life!

1. I have donated a signed jersey for auction. It closes today, but don't miss your chance!

2. I officially love Grape Nuts! For anyone who hasn't seen/heard about it, Post cereal recently released their USA Cycling and National Bike Month (May) promotional box, which features yours truly on the front cover. Look for it at your local grocer!

And in other news, I completed my ride on Palomar mountain yesterday. I successfully ascended the south grade, descended the east grade, "flipped a u-ey", ascended the east grade, and finally descended the south grade. Thank the lord for the Palomar mountain general store because they were my oasis in the desert. I stopped and filled my bottles both times I got to the top, and the second time I bought an oatmeal raisin cookie. After leaving Palomar mountain, I rode toward Escondido where Lisa was to meet me and pick me up. I took a slight deviation on my way in the order of another small climb up to Lake Wohlford. It was the final nail in the coffin for me, but it completed a good day: 6:10hrs, 177km, 223watts, 135bpm, 3642meters, 4967kjs.

Today I have an easy spin along the coast planned with a final stop at "The Pannikin". It is a local coffee shop in Encinitas that Lisa and I have discovered to have great coffee, awesome pastries, and sweet atmosphere. We would highly recommend it to anyone passing through. It will be our last bit of enjoyment here before taking off tomorrow to scout Big Bear, Baldy, and head north through Yosemite with our ultimate destination being Napa/Petaluma before ToC. I should mention, too, that this afternoon BOTH Lisa and I have a photo shoot with Spy. It should be fun! Looking forward to seeing the results of the shoots we have done while staying here in Carlsbad. Take care!


Scott K said...

Thanks for the updates! Would love to see some of the photos if you can post a couple. What would you do without the local coffee shops?

adammuggli said...

Thanks for leaving the stats of the ride. Its really cool to see. Hope you do well in the TOC!

Muffy said...

We enjoy following your cycling Matt!!! Good luck in TOC this week! Kurt and Martha Aschim (parents of fellow CC runner Annie Aschim at Luther)