Tuesday, April 3, 2012

"Basqueing" in the Rain!

Today was a bit different than yesterday. The sun never showed its face. It was on/off rain all day. The temperature was not freezing cold, but it was not warm either. It was just enough cold and wet to be a little miserable. I managed to keep myself warm enough except for my feet. Wowzers were they frozen when I finished, and the thaw that ensued was probably the most painful part of my day. Why does that always hurt so much?!? Thankfully the pain was buffered by my "secret" recovery drink. Actually there is no secret, it is Nesquik. It has been said over and over again that chocolate milk is one of the best recovery drinks, and I couldn't agree more!

As far as happenings for the day, we kept everything status quo. Chris had a flat about 15km to go, but a quick change put him back into the field no problem before the final climb and descent to the finish. For me today, my sensations on the bike were not the best. I think yesterday's effort already wore on me a bit. I hope that a good massage, good dinner, and good night's sleep will put me back on track for a good stage tomorrow. It is an uphill finish tomorrow with plenty of climbing beforehand, so it will definitely be a doozey with plenty of gc shake-up happening. I'll do my job to protect Chris and Frank, and hope by doing so will put myself in a good position. Hope I have the legs to do it tomorrow! And I hope the weather clears a bit. Thanks for checking in.


Big Cahunico said...

Hang tough Matthew.

Scott K said...

Just saw results for Stage 3. Looks like you and the RNT boys busted it for Chris today. Nice photo of you pulling Chris.


Keep up the good work!

kyle J said...

Good looking picture! Looks like a close race, 3 at the same time! Have fun!!!