Saturday, March 3, 2012

Belgian Fun

Well, I can't impart any special knowledge or stories on you regarding the stage today, but I can tell you that racing here is special. There is definitely skill required to navigate the peloton on the typically small roads, and I lack it! I tried hard to stay in the front today, but by the end of the stage, I was in the back. I was actually in really good position until about km 120, but after that I was just struggling. It isn't a condition or motivation thing either, simply experience in how to float around on these often rough roads. I experienced a decent amount of cobblestones today, and I can only imagine what one of the real cobbled classics would be like! For the team, there was nothing of note. We still have a chance at something, but it will take a special effort, individual and team, in order to make something happen. We'll see tomorrow!

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