Monday, October 17, 2011


Well, I am all finished with my clavicle plate removal, back home, and surfing the Internet already. Everything went fine, so now I am excited to recover and take on the off season fully. I will write a more extensive Lombardia recap in the coming days, but I did a piece for CyclingNews you can read here: Check back soon!


daveR said...

recover well and enjoy the break. I bet the folks are happy to see you (unless of course by 'home' you mean with Lisa which is great, too).

Anonymous said...

An old injury?

Ha, when I had to get knee surgery 8 or 9 years ago the prep made me nervous when the nurse came in and asked which leg,shaved it for the first time(which my mom and dad teased me)then proceeded to write "WRONG" on other leg. I told here to write it bigger!!!

-B Rach