Sunday, October 23, 2011

I Forgot...

I have no clue how I forgot this detail about my Saturday activities, but Lisa and I took in a good old Midwest tradition: apple orchard and pumpkin patch adventure! Upon arrival at the orchard, we took a look inside the cafe/store area and asked about walking in the orchard. After receiving the go ahead to walk, it was off for an hour plus of sampling/comparing apples, taking pictures, and enjoying the beautiful, autumn weather. After the orchard, we sampled some of the local cuisine with some hot cider and crumb-top apple pie: delicious. We made our purchases and left for home. We swung through a pumpkin place, picked up three pumpkins for carving, and headed home. It was a great afternoon.
Arrived at the orchard!

Enjoying a BEAUTIFUL day in the orchard

Taste Testing... We like what we found!

Some of the bounty.

And here are a few pictures from my adventures in Germany...
Incredible cathedral design in Cologne




Kyle J said...

Looks like fun you two! Enjoy the Midwest! Welcome Back!!

DaveR said...

great photos and it looks like a blast. Congrats on a successful surgery in Germany.