Thursday, September 8, 2011

Still in Spain!

Hey everyone, I apologize for being absent the last several days. The second week of racing was really difficult, and "free" time was limited with long transfers added to the usual tasks. Plus I was just really tired! Then I actually came down with some sort of bug the night after Angliru, so I spent the rest day trying to recover. The day after the rest day was maybe the worst, but thankfully it was the "easiest" stage of the race so far, and I was able to suffer through it. Yesterday's stage was the longest and maybe the fastest stage of the whole race thus far. I will try to make a new entry this evening with details from some of the previous stages, but I felt I should at least let you know I am still alive and fighting. Also, I wrote a blog for Cyclingnews, so I have pasted the link below. Thanks for keeping in touch.


Kyle J said...

Hang in there Flip!! Keep kicking butt every day!! We are cheering for you!!

daveR said...

3 days left and then you can join the rest of reality ... if you want.