Monday, August 15, 2011

Real Quick

Ok, here is my best attempt to update you on the recent happenings.

A happy couple after a sweet dinner picnic.
A nice sunset after the dinner picnic!

My beautiful date for the evening. We got the "tapas menu". Tasty!
A view of the swimming hole. It is a locals spot for sure!
Lisa and Jen about to take the plunge!

Another beautiful sunset after a nice day.
Here is a video you might find amusing!

That's about it. I'm sad to say that I am taking Lisa to the airport tomorrow because she is going to back to the US. It has been a great summer, but it's gone too fast! And for those who haven't already seen or assumed so: Going to be a good experience.


Phil Cianciola said...

That video is AWESOME! Who is that rider with you packing carrots? I'm an instant fan of his now.

--Hip in Tosa

BigCahunico said...

And I thought I rode with a bunch of asses!!! (JK)

Roadside attractions found while on the bike abound and never fail to be fun.

Thanks for the humor.

Chad Patterson said...

Great video Matt. I'm Chad Patterson. Best of luck in the Vuelta. When its all over (and hopefully you've won a stage or two??) I'd like to talk to you about setting up some publicity here in New Mexico. I can be reached at, or on F/B. I'll be on the friends list of most of the Zia Velo guys. Again, good luck and go fast!

David Rutledge said...

I knew Shane would go with an "ass" comment he but I was expecting something from Shrek "I had to save my ass." or "you're going the right way for a smart bottom."

Regardless, great video and awesome pictures of summer in Spain. We will be pulling, praying, and cheering for you all through the Vuelta.

TimK said...

Good luck in the Vuelta!

Scott K said...

Best video I have seen all day! Too many scenerios about asses to publish! Best of luck at the Vuelta - go light em up!

Scott K

Anonymous said...

"Hey American Boy".... show off those Stars & Stripes! Excited for your grand tour debut - quite an accomplishment - good luck.

(Go Norse)
- C.H.