Thursday, July 21, 2011


I apologize for my lack of update in the last several days. Lisa and I left for France early on Monday and have been busy ever since. We have joined the RadioShack VIP group for their viewing/following of the Tour de France, and it has been really fun. We began the trip in Gordes, France, and it is a beautiful place! We did a couple nice rides while there. The most noteworthy of those rides was the legendary Mount Ventoux. It was a surreal experience to do a climb with so much mystique. And to make it better, I got to finish it off with Lisa! Yup, she conquered the Mount Ventoux!

The hustle and bustle continues today with an early ride, followed by an all day viewing up on Col du Lautaret, which is the base of Col du Galibier. It should be a prime viewing spot for the race, and a really fun day. Weather is looking good but cool. Temperatures will likely not be much above freezing, but the sun will hopefully make it feel much warmer. Alright, I best be off for breakfast and to prepare for the day. I'll try to update more again soon.

Yup, she rode the whole thing! So proud!


Anonymous said...

Fantabulous, very jealous, job well done for both, hopefully practice for one of you in a future adventure.

E. Griffin said...

Enjoy the fireworks today!

Big Cahunico said...

Outstanding....Lisa I mean!!! Glad to see you are enjoying the TDF and all the time you can spend together.

Phil Cianciola said...

Well Lisa, I think it was all that training in Wauwatosa that helped you to the top.

-Hip in Tosa

DaveR said...

Matthew and Lisa,
Thanks for the update and the conquering of Ventoux is bucket list item for anyone with a passion for physical fitness. Can't wait to see more pictures of the adventures.
take care,