Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sweet NM

I am returned to the "Land of Enchantment" for almost 24 hours now, and I have been nothing short of enchanted. Where do I start? Upon landing last night in El Paso, I was greeted by my familiar friends, the gusty winds of NM.  I guess they missed me! Then as I arrived to Las Cruces and the house, I could see the mountains glowing from wildfire. Yes, my mountains are on fire! In the light today, it was easy to see the smoke billowing off the fire-stricken area(s).

It is really hard for me to believe I have been away for close to 5 months. I had this serious revelation on my ride today as I was noticing the pecan groves in full bloom. Incredible for me to believe that when I had left, they were getting ready to harvest the pecans. Now they are watering, fertilizing, preparing the grounds, etc. Anyway, the training was nice. I was short on time, but I really enjoyed the beautiful sun, warm temps and light winds. The less enjoyable moment of my ride was getting a flat. I can't even make it one day riding here without a flat! After my ride, I enjoyed a much needed straightening at Daugherty Chiropractic. Chris does great work, and always helps me to feel better. And to finish this day off, I got doping control today already! A busy 24 hours, but I am happy to be home. I am super excited to go get some good mexican food. Also excited to have a trip or two up to the mountains by Silver City and/or Ruidoso or Cloudcroft for some good training.

I suppose I owe an update from my week in Belgium. Fleche was a rough race for me. I had good legs, but something was off for me. There was just something not clicking for me, so all in all I was a bit disappointed in the end. I am happy to have had the experience for my future though. Sunday was Liege, and it was super difficult. I made it to La Redoute, the same as last year, but I think I was stronger this year than last. I do have a regret from the race though. There was a certain moment after the first big selection of the race when I was near the front of the field and some attacks were going. I hesitated to follow the move(s) and knew immediately that I had missed a big opportunity to do my job for my team and give myself a great chance for finishing highly in the race. Despite this disappointment, I feel like it is a good sign of my maturation as a rider to recognize these moments and know where/when I need to be in a race.

My next race is Tour of California. I am excited to take part in my first ToC. I am also honored to be a part of the team for such an important race for our team. The race is going to be pretty epic I am sure. It will be even better for me because I will have family, Busches and Savres, coming out for parts of the race. It is going to be fun to see everyone. Ciao ciao!


TimK said...

Good to have you back in New Mexico Matthew!

there is even word on the street that a group of us Zia Velos in Las Cruces may road trip to Cali in May to provide you with a cheering section on a stage or two of the TOC.

Thanks for continuing to provide us with updates and insights from your adventures on the bike....I hope to see you at a heater or two sometime soon.

Caren said...

Heard there was a Matt Busche citing at the Tour of the Gila Crit! Good Luck with at the Tour of California...keep the rubber side down!