Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Training Begins

Yesterday marked the first day of official road training since the Tour of Lombardia. It was an enjoyable 3 weeks of down time that allowed me to catch up on sleep, reunite with friends, spend some great time with my wife and enjoy our new marriage, and try to catch up on the always present life decisions/tasks.

My previous blog highlighted a short, but wonderful backpacking trip Lisa and I took. I need to update you on a few other things though. I think the most important of those events was Halloween. The household made a family of pumpkins and I have pictures of the mother and father, along with a decorative "John Deere" pumpkin. Pretty sweet if you ask me.
Overall, Halloween was pretty uneventful. We didn't have as many trick-or-treaters as we expected, which left us with a candy bowl that is still not empty! On the whole though, it was good and I think everyone agreed that "Super Mario" was the best. His mom would tell him to say thank you for the candy and he just kept saying "bye" in his little boy voice. It was pretty awesome!

On other notes, I got my mountain bike up and running and am happy to add that to my training repertoire. I blew out my rear tire on Sunday though and am currently trying to rectify that situation, so it is out of commission at the moment, which has me kind of bummed.

I have also been running for the last week as part of my supplemental training. It has been going well. I am running with Lisa and it is enjoyable. Other than that, I have just been living life!

The pictures I am posting here are one of a friendly find on the mountain bike trails on Sunday; I guess they aren't hibernating yet! The second is of the Organ Moutains with a cotton field in the foreground. The third is of an immature pecan grove. I came to the realization yesterday on my ride that one of the best ways for me to communicate what I see on a daily basis through riding or whatnot is through pictures. So, thanks to the wonders of camera phones and small digital cameras, I am going to do my best to at least post pictures of cool sights/unique finds from my daily adventures. Take care!

And I know this is highly inappropriate, but I couldn't not take a picture and laugh when I saw this book the other day. I apologize if anyone is offended.

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Boo-Shay #1 said...

First, the family of pumpkins is a fantastic piece of elaborate art...bravo. The John Deere addition was quite nice, I must say, however, I do hold a bias toward John Deere. Next, the snake appears to have two fang marks in it, perhaps from another snake? Or perhaps you bit the snake before taking the picture because it was not cooperating with your instructions for the picture? If it was the second, I again say bravo.

All enjoyable and entertaining my brother.