Friday, November 19, 2010


Ok really quickly... sorry for not posting in a few days. Been busy doing a lot of... well really, not all that much, just not doing my duties of updating. Latest news is that I did a beautiful bike ride with Lisa. That's right! Put the Fisher Cronus together for her and she is up and riding. It was wonderful and we are looking forward to many more rides together in the future.

Yesterday I did a mountain bike ride with my buddy Ryan and it was a definite shock to the aerobic/anaerobic system. We weren't racing each other or trying anything fancy, but he is a much more skilled/experienced mountain biker than I, so it is pretty difficult to chase him around the trails! It was fun though and I am looking forward to doing some more in the upcoming weeks.

Lisa and I are currently packing for our trip to Mesa to see the grandparents. We trying to leave in an hour. We are going to spend a week in Mesa having fun. We're going to go backpacking for three days/two nights in the Superstitions and enjoy a nice Thanksgiving dinner with the grandparents. There is also a surprise event in store for us on Saturday evening; we're excited to see what is planned.

Ok, I must go pack. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Kyle J said...

Lets see those pants now that Thanksgiving has come and gone!