Thursday, August 26, 2010

Adios de Espana

Yes I know all you Spanish buffs out there are asking "What does that title mean?" Just take it at face value!

I'm at the Barcelona airport awaiting my flight home to the USA. I could do a big, long reflection on my first adventures to Europe, but I will save that for later. Rather I'll just tell you that since Plouay I have been quite successful.

1. Getting the apartment packed and cleaned.
2. Moving out of apartment.
3. Getting sick.
4. Taking a "recovery" week... haven't ridden since Sunday... didn't plan things this way.
5. Getting to airport
6. Surviving the interogation by the Continental security people.
7. Making it through security and customs.
8. Having an unusually bad "cafe con leche" and sub-par cream pastry prior to boarding... only thing left is getting on the plane.

I guess that is about it. Thanks for checking in. Next update will be from the other side of the pond!


Lisa said...

HOORAY! Can't wait to see you TONIGHT!!!!

kyle j said...

Have a good trip! Hope your arms don't get tired from flying!

Anonymous said...

dont forget your "scuba gear"

Shane C. said...

Welcome home Matteo!!! It's 84, and 13% humidity...perfect!!!

DaveR said...

See you soon. There is sure to be some green chili cheeseburger with your name on it.

Caren said...

Cruces is happy your coming home!!