Saturday, August 7, 2010


I was wrong with my start time. It was officially 19:54, sorry about that. Anyway, it is bed time here, but the quick facts:

Stage 5:
Jesse Sergent-8th
Jason McCartney-11th
Matthew Busche-12th

Matthew Busche-3rd, 3 seconds on 4th and 10 seconds on 5th-7th
Geoffroy Lequatre-12th
Jesse Sergent-27th, Best Young Rider: a sweet ride for this young kid

Tomorrow is not just celebratory for sure. There is a tight run for my podium place and with time bonuses on the course and at the line, it will be tough. I'll give it my best! Good night.


Shane C. said...

Way to go Matthew!!!

Hang tough!

Anonymous said...

Sunday will be your day! We'll be thinking of you. Stay focused!

M & J

David R. said...

We are cheering for you and now you can hang in there for the podium.

Matthew J said...

Go get em Matt!

gmac said...

You rock my world.

Carson said... rock. Big step for you and it will only get better!

Congrats man!

Kyle J said...

Great Job Matt!

Dave R. said...

Can't wait to hear the story for this race. Great job and congrats.

sprider said...

Nice podium finish Matt. Can't wait for the next race!

John said...

Awesome job, Matthew!

Caren said...

Congrats, Matt!!