Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Nothing New

Alrighty, I am a bit sorry again for my long posting break. Really though, nothing too much is new. I have gotten back to training solid again since my rest after Austria. Been riding with Craig Lewis from HTC Columbia a few times in the recent days. It has been really nice to ride with someone and he is a really good guy. I did a big ride with Jason McCartney on Saturday. He showed me some new roads and climbs that were incredibly challenging and rewardingly gorgeous.

Other thing(s): the weather is still pretty hot and humid. I have regularly seen my SRM at 40'C (104'F) on my training. It does cool off pretty well at night though, so at least if I get out early, the beginning of the ride is very pleasant. Plus, if I head up into the mountains, which I have been doing quite frequently recently, it is a fair amount cooler there. Although, when climbing and the air is still and the temp is near the 40'C mark, it is nearly unbearable as I am sweating profusely and my legs are telling me it is not such an easy road; nonetheless, I press on for the reward of the fitness and the new adventures I get.

The scooter is still a new found freedom. Yesterday on my easy day, Lisa and I went to explore toward the coast. We first went to this town that was supposed to be really cool in architecture. We got there and were initially less than impressed, but as we explored it further our impression changed greatly and we really had a good time. The whole town was basically stone/cobbled streets and buildings. All the narrow passage ways and stairs and amazingly crafted/unique buildings made it very neat. We took a picnic lunch and enjoyed it up at the high point with a beautiful view inland and back to the coast where we could see the rugged coastline and blue waters of the Mediterranean.

After lunch and exploration, we began a quest for a television to view the TdF, but our search was never fulfilled and my attitude was that we only get so many days to be at the coast and do this stuff together that we needed to skip the tour and watch a replay sometime. Although, I/we sort of regret that after hearing what happened, I think our decision was the right one and we were both really happy. We laid on the beach for a bit and worked on our tans (supposedly I fell asleep) before we hopped into the brisk waters of the Mediterranean. Although it is summer and quite hot, the cold water is still a bit stunning, but refreshing. A short and renewing swim was followed by a little more sunning to warm, then a beach shower to rid our skin of the salt, a little more sunning to warm from the shower, then the search for a coffee and gasoline (not really at the same time).

We found a coffee at a cafe with a nice big TV, only one turn different than where we had gone to the coast: aka, we could have watched the tour no problem! Oh well. We read the twitter updates and were excited to see the replay(s). After coffee, it was time to find a drinking fountain for Scooter: that proved a bit nerve wracking and heart pounding. Not only did we have no idea where to find a gas station or how far one might be while the needle was on "E", but we had to drive on some busier roads with a better chance of finding one. After a short, but thrilling time on a bigger highway with cars passing us, we found our savior. The scooter quenched its thirst, as well as Lisa with her big agua purchase (and Snickers for treat)! Then it was time to head home and the rest is history. Thanks for reading! Good night.

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