Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Howdy Hey

Hello hello. Sorry for the lack of updates in the second half of Austria and since. Austria got busy and the last couple hotels, there was no working wifi, so I couldn't write. The race wrapped up just fine. Following my breakaway day, there was another hors category mountaintop finish, which was won by Ricco again; however, I managed to hold my own finishing 17th on the stage and maintaining a good gc position. Tiago gave a valiant effort to win the stage and improve his gc position to podium, but was out-gunned and almost teamed up on by others; just wasn't to be. The team was great all day in protecting and delivering to the right place(s) at the right time(s).

The next few stages were not too special, just a few more climbs and one really long day of 230km. Saturday was important though with the 26km TT that could change gc positions for sure. We went to preview the course in the morning. At that time, it appeared nearly flat, as the race bible showed, but once I was out there giving it full gas, it was anything but flat. Certainly not big hills, but enough change to let you know it was not flat. Plus the wind was always blowing and making things just a bit harder. Anyway, I gave it full gas and did what I could to protect my gc position. I ended up losing one spot and moving down to 16th, where I ended, but I am happy with that. Overall, Austria was really good. The team was great, the vibe was very good, the whole experience was great. The team gained a few stage results, missed the podium by one spot on gc, and we won the team gc: a good week of racing.

Back in Girona now, Lisa and I are enjoying exploration. We have increased our range of travel now, too, with the recent purchase of a scooter. It is something we have talked about for a few weeks and after a little research and looking, we decided to buy one. Yesterday we went north of Girona to a town named Banyoles. We took turns driving and passanging. It was fun. We swam in the lake at Banyoles and took time to get a coffee and watch the last parts of the tour. Interesting fact: the lake in Banyoles was used during the Barcelona Olympics for the events like rowing. It is a really beautiful lake with clear water and set in a peaceful mountain-surrounded setting. It was really enjoyable.

Training now is pretty easy for a few days as I am recovering from the stress of Austria. It hasn't necessarily been easy though, as the temps have been incredibly warm with high humidity and the wind has been blowing pretty hard. Nonetheless, it is well and recovery is nice.

Thanks to everyone for the support and positive remarks. It is nice to receive the encouragement and always provides a little more inspiration to dig a little deeper and believe in myself and my abilities. Take care.


Shane C. said...

Thanks for the update. Keep enjoying life!!

Hip said...

Best result of your feeling from a race for you's all good. Congrats.

Banyoles! I've ridden there...a training ride that started at the very lake you mentioned. It was supposed to end there too, but I got lost! Long story...
Enjoy a little rest now.

--Hip in Tosa

David R said...

Glad to hear you and Lisa are enjoying this awesome experience. It will be exciting to see more of your adventures.